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about me
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Kady Fleckenstein

When I was little I used to take a piece of paper and a pencil and just stare at the blank page, imagining all of the beautiful things it could become: a poem, a drawing, a song or even a novel.  The thought overwhelmed me to the point that I rarely wrote something on that piece of paper.  Eventually I succumbed to the risk of imperfection and started writing.  This time on a computer and only for myself.  I wrote poems and small blurbs and eventually song after song after song.  Most recently I wrote a biweekly column for a local newspaper about wine.  I would never consider myself an expert in wine although I have studied it and worked in the wine, craft beer and tourism industry most of my adulthood.  What I really wanted to write about, what I really want to write about, is life.  The gut wrenching and soul crushing topics that no one likes to discuss.  No politics (at least not regularly), no religion, no one-size-fits-all cures or pretty pictures of my perfect life.  Just one person's exploration into the things that keep us up at night.  I won't be providing answers, although I do hope to share tips, techniques and facts that have helped me grow both spiritually and emotionally.  Occasionally, when discussing my health issues, I'll let you know what has worked for me.  I'm not a doctor and certainly not an expert on life* but I'm ready to take a risk and be vulnerable; with whomever happens to find my blog.  So if you're ready, please join me on this adventure.  Follow me @onehardlook and read even more at

*please consult your doctor or mental health professional before taking any advice from One Hard Look.


I love mail. Thank you for taking the time to reach out!

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