One Hard Look at..

The Visitor

Grief is dark and powerful and rears its ugly head with no warning. It isn't something to be afraid of, however. I embrace grief as a process, as a part of life. It hurts when it has its grips on you but will eventually release. I wish there was more honesty about grief as it doesn't have to be this horrible shame-causing experience. I have found grief to be freeing and life-changing; a good reason for self-care. There is life after grief. 🖤 On a side note, I am really

Spirit Animal

Ever since I was a little girl I have been drawn to herons. If there is one within sight, I will find it. When I do, I immediately feel calm and connected to my surroundings. Maybe they are my spirit animal? ☀️ This week I was driving on a major highway and one appeared right next to me on the median, not something you see often in California. It was as still as a statue and all I could think of was how it seemed so full of wisdom. Like it had the secret to life. Perhaps


Until you've experienced it, you have no idea. Vertigo may be just a movie title to you or your worst nightmare. It's unlike being dizzy yet it is often synonymous with that word. When I first started experiencing vertigo around the age of 15 it was the most frightening experience of my life and I had already been through plenty of surgeries and undiagnosed health scares before. This time, I actually thought I might die. Vertigo isn't generally something that happens to

Give it Up

We can change the world with one simple plan..... From our heads to our hearts to our hands, We can change the world with one simple plan: Being vulnerable, courageous and brave, Giving a piece of ourselves without expecting the same. Showing compassion instead of listening to fear; That will bring us together and heal what is here. The rest doesn't really exist. They are just thoughts and worries and things that we miss When we're so busy coping and numbing our pain, So I be