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Give it Up

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

We can change the world with one simple plan.....

From our heads to our hearts to our hands,

We can change the world with one simple plan:

Being vulnerable, courageous and brave,

Giving a piece of ourselves without expecting the same.

Showing compassion instead of listening to fear;

That will bring us together and heal what is here.

The rest doesn't really exist.

They are just thoughts and worries and things that we miss

When we're so busy coping and numbing our pain,

So I beg you to stop and step into the rain.

To get out we must go through.

Pain and grief won't kill you or break you in two.

You'll come out different than before:

Stronger and wise and ready for more.

Joy and beauty only survive

Because of the pain that life provides.

Resilience always prevails

Even when our hearts are broken and our memories fail.

We can pick up the pieces just like before

Because nothing can stop us from what is in store.

The universe will always provide

If we let go of all of the pain deep inside.

You thought that you pushed it away

But it's really deep down, stored in a dark place.

I beg you to let down your walls

And let out the darkness that distantly calls.

It wants to go into the light.

It will go if you let it

If you give up the fight.

Date: 8/31/18

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