One Hard Look at..

The Visitor

Grief is dark and powerful and rears its ugly head with no warning. It isn't something to be afraid of, however. I embrace grief as a process, as a part of life. It hurts when it has its grips on you but will eventually release. I wish there was more honesty about grief as it doesn't have to be this horrible shame-causing experience. I have found grief to be freeing and life-changing; a good reason for self-care. There is life after grief. 🖤 On a side note, I am really

Spirit Animal

Ever since I was a little girl I have been drawn to herons. If there is one within sight, I will find it. When I do, I immediately feel calm and connected to my surroundings. Maybe they are my spirit animal? ☀️ This week I was driving on a major highway and one appeared right next to me on the median, not something you see often in California. It was as still as a statue and all I could think of was how it seemed so full of wisdom. Like it had the secret to life. Perhaps

In Heaven

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The Spiral

I wrote this poem the other day when I was spiraling back into codependency. Trying to hold on to something that doesn't want to be held onto. On top of it all, I had a migraine with vertigo so I felt the physical manifestation of my "relapse". It felt like defeat at the time but I now know that I have the tools and resources to get right back to a healthier mindset and take today as it comes. I will remind myself that I am worth it and stick to my boundaries. #codependenc

A piece of me

It feels as though you have my limb. I wonder what you keep it in. Does it ever come in handy When you have an itch you cannot reach? Do you use it to find buried treasure Like a shovel on the beach? Will I ever get it back? And when I do, will it be branded With a tattoo of barbed wire That was a little heavy-handed? Or will it come back soft and supple After a day inside a spa With shimmering glitter lotion From a one hundred dollar jar? Will it be so long without me That i


Trapped inside with a floating shell around me All I feel is pounding in my brain Wrap me tight in the love that somehow found me It's the only thing that calms me when I wake Ringing in my ear with a weight upon my chest. It takes everything that's in me just to get dressed. Then a gentle voice breaks me of the thoughts that overtake me on this sunny day He wants to explore the world And I'm his one and only girl The only one who has his little heart today #Migraine #Chronic

A New Year, A New Change in Gear

2019 is fast approaching and I'm checking off a resolution a few days early. New Year, New Change in Gear 2018 was a doozy. I went into the year knowing it wouldn't be easy but I had no idea the challenges that lay ahead. You name it, I dealt with it. There is plenty of time to get into the nitty gritty but I would like to start by welcoming you to my blog. It's a new year, I've got new change in gear. I swear, I can see clear now the clouds disappeared. -Wyclef Jean, The

White Noise

I'm all out of fight..... I'm all out of fight. I'm done with the noise. It's drowning out logic With its deafening voice. None of it's true but I'm made to believe Letting go is the answer No more thank yous or please. Allowing the distant eyes and the pace That's full of friction from the internal race To quiet the noise that's inside of his head To lessen the pain from emotional dread Yet this way we suffer This way we yearn For the man who isn't here And who will never re

Social Media

I think of the voices Wanting to be heard. All the empty longing To belong to the herd. If they could give up hoping And live for themselves, Maybe they will discover That honesty always sells. #socialmedia #poetry #authenticity Date: 10/17/18

Give it Up

We can change the world with one simple plan..... From our heads to our hearts to our hands, We can change the world with one simple plan: Being vulnerable, courageous and brave, Giving a piece of ourselves without expecting the same. Showing compassion instead of listening to fear; That will bring us together and heal what is here. The rest doesn't really exist. They are just thoughts and worries and things that we miss When we're so busy coping and numbing our pain, So I be


I didn't understand anything back then. My innocence seduced by the power of men. Their vulnerable looks and calculated touch Made me realize quickly how I didn't know much. This continued for decades though I claimed to be wise. Wrapped up in denial like a tightly-wrapped prize. A gift for somebody to claim for their own Less of me each time I took a new throne. Sitting next to my king I felt finally home. But I didn't know comfort was only on loan. The lying, the hiding, co