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A piece of me

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

It feels as though you have my limb.

I wonder what you keep it in.

Does it ever come in handy

When you have an itch you cannot reach?

Do you use it to find buried treasure

Like a shovel on the beach?

Will I ever get it back?

And when I do, will it be branded

With a tattoo of barbed wire

That was a little heavy-handed?

Or will it come back soft and supple

After a day inside a spa

With shimmering glitter lotion

From a one hundred dollar jar?

Will it be so long without me

That it's returned wrinkled and grey

With spots of sun upon it

Like a blistery autumn day?

Whether it comes back sometime soon

Or it is truly severed,

Please take care of my limb

Because now it's yours forever.

#heartache #heartbreak #grief #loss #poetry #originalpoem

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