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A New Year, A New Change in Gear

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

2019 is fast approaching and I'm checking off a resolution a few days early.

New Year, New Change in Gear

2018 was a doozy. I went into the year knowing it wouldn't be easy but I had no idea the challenges that lay ahead. You name it, I dealt with it. There is plenty of time to get into the nitty gritty but I would like to start by welcoming you to my blog.

It's a new year, I've got new change in gear. I swear, I can see clear now the clouds disappeared. -Wyclef Jean, The Carnival

The goal of this blog is to have a place where I can record my thoughts, songs and poetry. A place where I, and hopefully you, can search for inspiration and reminders on how to care for your body, mind and soul. It's not easy for me to be vulnerable and every ounce of this makes me uncomfortable but if I've learned anything in 2018 it's this:

I hope you'll join me via my blog and social media (find me @onehardlook on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) as I go on an adventure to take one hard look at life, love, parenthood and everything in between.

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