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After the Storm

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

The muddy shores no longer wave as earth churns in the sea. Distant islands hug the blue like it was never meant to be. They hold on fast to the fragile hue and stand their ground against spoiled waters. Guarding the precious beauty like their only newborn daughter. I wonder will the islands succeed? As I feel that I have failed. To hold on to my perfect sea, It seems my ship has sailed. I held on tight, perhaps too strong, Until my grip gave way to faith.

That whatever comes to greet me

Will release me from the wraith. As the memories rise, I see his face. I know it all too well; The love that washes over me like the sullied ocean swell.

Faria Beach in Ventura, CA
Photo Credit: Faria Beach by Snudley on Trover

Author's note: I wrote this while driving on the 101 (Hwy 101) on the Central Coast after a storm. Thank goodness for voice-to-text. The weather was unstable with rain showers, hail and rainbows that same day and the previous days had been filled will intense wind and rain storms that even shut down the 101 for a while.

On the drive today, a day after the two-day storm, I notice that the waves on the shore were incredibly muddy and the first half of the ocean, closest to land, was extremely brown. Normally the ocean is a beautiful blue or green hue. Remarkably, after that section of brown waves stopped, the rest of the ocean was a brilliant blue-green right before the Channel Islands. It reminded me of how easy beauty can be ruined by a storm. Fortunately, much like life, the damage will settle out and the beauty will return. Often after trauma or grief, we are better and more beautiful for what we have been through and survived.

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