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The Year of My Unraveling

One of my favorite articles by Brené Brown is about the "midlife unraveling". She talks about reaching a point in your life (usually mid-life which is where I am right now) when you realize you need to shed all of those survival skills that no longer serve a purpose. To deal with competing truths and years of pretending to be someone else. To grapple with your own mortality. For many, it takes a defining moment, grief or tragedy to come to this realization. For others it comes with maturity. There is nothing more beautiful to me than the idea of unraveling to reveal the true you beneath. Like a butterfly from a cocoon or the spool beneath the layers of thread. It sounds so simple but it takes time to unravel all of those layers. I'm grateful for all of the spinning because it is forcing me to unravel and just be me.

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